12 Dec 2022

Ghost Diving Presentation Quebec, Canada

CANADA 2022 a different continent, a different crowd, but always the same GLOBAL MISSION

In the aim of Global Expansion and seeking like-minded people around the Globe, having the same interests in environmental conservation, Ghost Diving EastMed chapter coordinator Imad Farhat had the honor to be invited on the 12th of November 2022 as one of the speakers participating in the convention organized and hosted by “Quebec Subaquatique / Quebec Federation of Underwater Activities”

The Order of Subaquatique Activities, was a very interesting event where we met with the diving community in Quebec Canada, and discussed what we are doing around the Globe in conservation projects.

Imad gave a presentation illustrating the path that Ghost Diving and Healthy Seas established as Charities in 2009, and shed some light of what are the milestones and goals we have reached during the past years leading to some of our biggest projects lead in the past couple of years in Greece, Ithaca

Adding to the history, the presentation went into explaining furthermore the process of what comes as next steps after we execute projects and remove ghost gear, what are the options regarding up-cycling and re-cycling and the circular economy approach we adopt as a parallel solution to the existing problem.

The transparency of how our organizations’ work, and the solution driven applications to the persisting problem, create honesty and authenticity that stay true to the motivation behind the core foundation of our passion.

And as we always say, without visual referencing to what we do, people would have no clue of what is happening, or what is the extent of the problem, therefore Imad went through some footage from images and videos showcasing to the attending audience what our projects in action look like.

With the end of the presentation session, the attendees engaged in a very Interactive Q&A where lots of discussions and point of views were exchanged, in addition to personally meeting up with people very interested in being part of the movement in the future.

Presenter: Imad Farhat
Venue: La Maison du Loisir et du Sport, Montreal Quebec
Date: November 12, 2022

Special Thanks to, Stefanie Labbe, partner at Plongee Nautilus – Quebec Laura Langlois, operations director at Quebec Subaquatique

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